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    Desktop CNC - Corona Design

    This is how I have been spending my "lockdown afternoons" of early 2021 - advancing my CNC project!
    It's an aluminium-based-construction milling machine / router with working area of 320x220x120mm in 540x500x540mm enclosure - purposed for precision parts making & prototyping. Project is ongoing.
    Initial requirements were as such:
    - min. work envelope: 300x200x100mm,
    - max. dimensions: 500x500x500mm,
    - 230V 1-phase (I am in Europe),
    - some capacity to slowly mill non-ferritic metals,
    - precision (quality parts) but reasonable costs and possibility to DIY at home,
    - full enclosure including electronics inside + elegance.
    Finally the work envelope turned out to be 320x220x120mm and dimensions 540x500x540mm. I used:
    - HIWIN linear guides,
    - ISEL ballscrews, nut and bearing blocks,
    - GMT 0,8kW 24000rpm spindle,
    - 1,8Nm NEMA24 motors (3A).

    All critical comments are welcome.

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    Jul 2018

    Re: Desktop CNC - Corona Design

    Hi Kazi - Starting well but you have large chunks of metal with large chunks removed. A part is only as stiff as its least stiff bit so try not to remove metal from your parts. Plus they will be expensive due to the amount of machining required and the $$$ won't justify the result. Your side walls (or columns) seem to be very thin? Keep at it Peter

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    Re: Desktop CNC - Corona Design

    peeteng is right, you've started with big thick slabs but then cut huge deep pockets in them sacrificing all that stiffness.

    The rigidity of the part pictured will be determined in large part by the thinnest section....and that seems a waste of what you started with.

    Attachment 469778

    Rather than cutting a deep pocket how about raising the linear cars up on two solid rectangular sections bolted or welded to the base, it would secure
    the clearance you need for the ballscrew WITHOUT sacrificing the stiffness of the slab.


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    Jul 2022

    Re: Desktop CNC - Corona Design

    Hi everyone. New to the forum. Not sure where to post. I'm a new machinist been doing this about 1 year in the aerospace industry. I'm finally ready to start building my toolbox and I was just curious if anybody could recommend a good brand of gauge blocks. There are so many out there and I want to make sure I get something of decent quality.

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