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    What's happening with Detroit Tools- they were the CNC division of Smithy, but their website is empty.

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    I looked at their CNC line a few times and it appeared to be a "shotgun" approach to the market. They were essentially some off the shelf Chinese machines with the Smithy name slapped on. Reviews were not very good and they tried a software called Easy-Trol which was quickly withdrawn. I think they found themselves falling behind in the hobby market with their 3 in 1 machines essentially being the same old designs from the 80's and guys like Tormach moving ahead with more sophisticated machines for the serious hobbyist. Bigger companies like Harbor Freight and Grizzly were grabbing off a lot of the low priced 3 in1 market as well. In the past they tried a knock-off of the old Shopsmith woodworking machine (perhaps the origin of their name) as well as a Chinese made bulldozer, all of which disappeared from the market. Looks like the big CNC machines are going to follow those other products into history as well.

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