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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Plasma, EDM / Waterjet Machines > Plasma, EDM / Other similar machine Project Log > Did anyone ever tried converting a laser cutting machine to plasma table ?
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    Did anyone ever tried converting a laser cutting machine to plasma table ?

    This is my older 80w laser cutter. It's 1200x900mm. I don't used it much anymore because I got a second new one. This one I keep as a backup.

    I was recently thinking about getting a small plasma table for the shop. Looking inside this laser cabinet, I realize it contains some decent linear rails, steppers and controllers, fume extraction... So how about replacing the laser and lenses with a torch holder ?? Can this be done ? If electronics need to be replaced, I have a Gecko G540 lying around.

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    Re: Did anyone ever tried converting a laser cutting machine to plasma table ?

    You can convert darn near anything to plasma if you have enough time and money. You would start by ripping out all of the control electronics. Then figure out how to mount a full Z . That may reduce your effective cut area . What you currently have is a two axis plotter that uses a laser instead of a pen . You will have to decide if its better to retro that laser with new controller, Z axis, Torch holder, Plasma controls, THC and some pretty serious dust extraction or to look at building a new table from kits that has a better cutting envelope and is made to do what you want. I would consider either selling or trading the laser off for components to build your own. I think its worth more as a working laser cutter than as a cobbled up plasma cutter.

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