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    Digital Dream UC300 Problem


    I am new to cnc and I got and built my first setup 1500x1500 bulkman3d workbee. I have the Digital dream UC300 controller.

    Everything was working fine until the other day when I had a problem with the system during a job...it froze. I turned the power to everything off then back on to re-boot the system. Since then I am unable to comunicate with my cnc at all. On my Digital Dream UC300 controller box the CONN light that indicates a connection with Mach3 is now always on, even when its unplugged from USB.

    I have read through the manual and see nowhere that shows why the CONN light would stay on. I have read through fourms and havent seen anybody with the same issue. I have tried everything from uninstalling everything on my computer and reinstalling and setting all my configurations up in mach3 again. I think because the CONN light is stuck on that it is an issue with my controller.

    Has anybody ever experiencet or heard of this happening?
    Doese the UC300 have the ability to flash the firmware and reinstall?
    Is there a hard reset feature on the UC300?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!!!


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    Re: Digital Dream UC300 Problem

    Sorry, but what is a "Digital dream UC300 controller"? The only two UC300 I know of are made by CNC Drive in Hungary. One is USB the other is ETH, so is your controller made by CNC Drive or not? Is it USB or ETH? Perhaps there are other UC300 controllers also, but as far as I know, all are the product of CNC Drive. I don't know any "Digital dream", sounds like a cheap Chinese copy. Anyway, if you mean this product then you are definitely on the wrong forum because this is NOT a CNC Drive product.

    Also, this forum is not a Mach3 forum, but UCCNC, which is also a CNC Drive product.

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