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    DIY Laser engraver/cutter

    Hi all

    I have designed my own Laser engraver/cutter

    Design done using Fusinon360 (free for hobby use)
    - MGW12H rail fro the y-axis
    - MGW7H rail for the X-axis
    - Laser module/kit from Opt Lasers https://optlasers.com/kits-and-adapt...r-cnc-machines
    - Software LightBurn https://lightburnsoftware.com/

    Controller - not decided yet, but for the first test I i use the Mini Gerbil controller form awsometech https://awesome.tech/product/mini-ge...-laser-cutter/

    But I need more axis (Mini Gerbil only have 2 axis) for my Z and rotating axis

    I`m going to test:
    - Smoothieboard5x running smoothieware or GRBL-LPC
    - GRBL-HAL Teensy 4 https://github.com/phil-barrett/grblHAL-teensy-4.x

    I do not know what is the best controller for a diode laser / LightBurn

    First mechanical test:


    This laser kit comes with a nifty magnetic docking that makes it simple to remove the laser when not in use or when you want to swap lens/clean the lens..

    • Connect and test laser
    • z-axis (moving bed)
    • Rotary axis
    • Camera for LigtBurn (8MP)

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    Re: DIY Laser engraver/cutter

    You have a pretty neat setup.

    I wish to add laser system to my CNC router one day. However, I will need to update
    my controller I suppose to be able to control the ON/OFF of the PWM laser...

    I am in hurry to see someone using their new model "PLH3D-15W", it looks awesome.
    However, there's not so much hype about it and because of price not alot of people
    seems to buy their components.

    They seems alot better quality than the chinese typical ones we can see everywhere.
    AXYZ Millennium router CNC: https://goo.gl/gxvdcA
    Glass cutting CNC table: https://goo.gl/VrDqGD

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