Hi All-

After several years of running my trusty DM2400 as mostly stock, something is starting to have some problems. I first noticed it on an END NEWPART operation where the unit would fail to return to the home position. Power cycling will temporarily “fix” it. Fix is not the right word, but at least I can continue making parts. I have not seen it fail while actually making a cut, at least that is nice.

I have also seen it fail on initialization and say something like “Z AXIS STUCK” or “Y AXIS STUCK”. The Y axis has always had quite a bit more backlash than the X and Z. I don’t know if that is relevant.

Third symptom I have seen is that in manual mode, running at high speed (30 in/min or whatever the highest speed is), the Y axis loses step count. I have not seen any problems with X or Z in manual mode.

I am thinking that either the steppers are dying or perhaps the step drivers. I’m more inclined to blame the motors, as they are old and have moving parts.

So… do any of you that have converted a 2400 to something more modern have a box of parts that you would be willing to sell?

Otherwise, it’ll be a new adventure to go down the full conversion path.

Thanks for any advice/help!


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