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    DM4400M Height

    Hi all,

    I had no trouble finding the dimensions of the 4400C: 90 inches, which is 7' 5" . I'm looking at buying a 4400M, and I can tell that the head is slightly different than the 4400C, and seems somewhat shorter. And, it kind of looks like the height is in the motor, which I can remove. Well, my garage door opening is 7' 2", and I'd really like to fit it in there. Does anyone know the actual height of the 4400M? The best height estimate I can get from the seller (rather far away from me) is "around 7 feet".

    Thanks! (I hope this sort of rather un-technical question is alright here.)


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    Re: DM4400M Height

    This is an old thread, but I'll give some clues for anyone who has similar questions in the future.... It is *extremely* easy to remove the Z axis motor. I mean, it is pathetically simple! If you remove that, and the warning light, you can get the mill under under a pretty low doorway. I can measure my door, but I don't think I'm at 7' 2" and I got the mill in my garage without a whole lot of fuss.

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