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    DMC CNC Lathes

    I've beenn shopping around for a new CNC lathe, 45/50mm (ish) machine, something with driven tools/milling capacity. Looked at the usual suspects, Doosan Lynx/Puma, Kia SKT range and CMZ, amongst others. However a service engineer fellow I know has pointed me in the direction of DMC machines.

    Look here:


    His version of events is that other Korean machine tool companies, Kia, Hyundai, Doosan sub-contract their smaller lathe manufacture to DMC. I don't know whether this is true, but the similarity between a number of the Korean slant bed machines is pretty remarkable, so I guess it is quite possible.

    I've spoken to the UK importers and there is a significant price advantage of a DMC over, say, an equivalent Kia, but I'm just a bit twitchy in case I end up buying a pup. Anyone out there able to shed any more light on DMC and its business, and further and owners/users able to share their experiences of these machines.

    tHE machine I'm interested in is the DMC 6TM or 8TM


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    Re: DMC CNC Lathes

    We are a dealer for DMC in Wisconsin in the USA so take my opinion for what it is worth...I'm an engineer not a salesman. They seem to be of good fit and finish and seem to be very much like the Hyundai's and Doosan's that I've worked with in the past. I also have heard the same that they build machines for them both as well and based on what I'm seeing believe it. Price point and features seem to be very comparable. The installs around here have had little if any problems so I can't say how their support network is since I've not had to use it. Pretty respectable compared to the Okuma's I'm most familiar with, but for a lot less money.

    Best regards,

    Sorry, just noticed the post was from 2010 - not sure why I was emailed your post from that long ago...
    Experience is what you get just after you needed it.

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