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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Deckel, Maho, Aciera, Abene Mills > DMG DMU Mono Block 75 deep hole drill cycle
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    DMG DMU Mono Block 75 deep hole drill cycle

    Trying to help my programmer out with this one.
    We are trying to figure out how to manipulate a drilling cycle, to allow us to drill with starting with a slow RPM, enter the pilot hole, then increase RPM to finish the hole. Also lower the RPM back down before exiting the hole.
    The reasoning is because the second drill is 15x Diameter, and will snap if we dont have the RPM down before entering the pilot hole.
    I am more accustomed to a HAAS control, so Im not sure what the code should look like.
    The Machine is a 2019 DMG monoblock with siemens control.

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    Re: DMG DMU Mono Block 75 deep hole drill cycle

    Drill the hole with all G1 moves rather than a drill cycle. That way you have 100% control over everything that happens and you can insert spindle and feed speed changes anywhere needed. Many times you can set this up in CAM and post it as a stand alone operation with ''use canned cycles'' turned off. Then just edit the G code and insert the drill operation where needed.
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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