What’s up machinists?
Hopp you are all doing well.

I own couple of older machines and dream of stepping up the game someday... well in baby steps though...

I remember when i was youngster the company i worked for had 2 dmu50evos , the grey early ones.
i remember they werr pretty good but i never ran them..

now 15 years later i see them dropping to a price level i could almost afford one...
but how are they? are ok machines for general steel, stainless and alloy work?
i look at them greenish ones from 1998 and onwards

i could live with a 8000rpm machine .

i would prefer heidenhain tnc426 or 500 series.
i hear the millplus is pretty bad with support or not supported at all?

are there general mechanical issues with these machines?
i know old stuff, i can do repair work and not afraid or that..

i could settle with a V but ofrcourse
evo would be better..
any opinions ?? other 5axis machines in this size to recommend?

cheers all!