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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Milltronics > DNC problem with milltronics centurion 6
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    DNC problem with milltronics centurion 6


    we can RS232 load programs through cimco into memory no problem.

    when we try to dnc larger programs. the mill will run for a while , then watching the verify the tool path will go past what appears to be the buffer.
    Its almost as the control cannot take more information and the program errors out.
    looking at the screen error 501 illegal address. the block only has a few numbers, it has the y value but x is missing

    is this a control problem or a cable problem

    any help will be greatly appreciated


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    Re: DNC problem with milltronics centurion 6

    ...most likely the cable if, randomly crashes in DNC.

    #1 causes are USB to Serial converters and/or unshielded RS232 cables.

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