I have a 1996 T10C Robodrill with a 16M Fanuc Controller of which I've installed a Fanuc data server (A16B-2202-0630) with an original 256mb Quantum Daytona IDE hard drive (A02B-0207-CD51) as well as a RISC board (A16B-3200-0150) and had the whole system running beautifully - doing surface machining at 300IPM, etc.

Well, the quantum disc hard drive failed to boot the other day and I've been experimenting with replacing it with IDE to CF adapters to try and run CompactFlash cards through the data server, IDE to SSD, IDE to Disk on Module units, etc to no success. The CF cards are small at 512 and 64mb and the SSD is probably too large at 16gb. I've partitioned it and such but when I turn on the machine with the IDE-to-SSD adapter, it wipes the SSD of the partitions I've placed on it to attempt to limit the 16gb to 810MB. The fact that the data server wipes the partition makes me think it has the ability to use such a setup but that Fanuc (in classic fashion) has a very specific structure on the original drives of which is the only thing the data server / control will recognize and accept.

Does anyone out there happen to (have prepared much better than I did) and created a cloned image of the fanuc data server hard drive? I'll probably need to buy another ridiculously expense, outdated drive from eBay or something and attempt to clone it but hoped maybe someone had a cloned image available with proper partition and drive structure.