Does anyone have experience with any of the CNC routers from spark robotics? I'm looking to purchase one of their machines, and while I'm not finding anything particularly negative about their products, I can't seem to find much that's not just from the company itself. Anytime I've spoken with them, they've been great: they got back to me quickly, answered all my questions in detail and with patience, etc. The machine seems like it's solid with a steel box tube frame, rack and pinion travel, 3hp spindle, and servo motors, so I'm mostly just looking to see if anyone has had any kind of unusual or catastrophic issues with them.

For reference, this will be my first CNC machine, but I've wanted one of these since I was a sophomore in college and spent the last 10 years learning about them as much as I could from a distance. I also worked in a plastics shop after I graduated that had a Komo Innova 5k bridge router, so I have what I would say is a strong theoretical understanding of what these machines are, what they can do, and what to look for. I have a great deal of experience in woodworking in a traditional shop, and I'm looking to make the jump from hardcore hobbyist, to small business owner with this machine. The 4' x 8' bed is what really grabs my attention since I would like to do casework with this machine. I won't be doing projects that require more than 4' x 4' every single time, but I will be doing them more than once in a blue moon. Cosplay is also one of my projected applications with this machine, and there are plenty of instances where a 3d carve that's longer than 4' would be part of the build. As a result, I'm not keen on the idea of a smaller machine like the xcarve pro that would require using a tiling function to do the same thing since manually moving the piece opens up so many possibilities for error, which could be really costly on something for a client.