I think Hexagon has not done a good job with WorkNC. I know someone that requested a demo and it took 2 years for a reply. Of course at that point interest was long gone. Training material is 4 years old when requesting the latest. They add new functionality occasionally but do a piss poor job of documenting it. Still no proper forum (no offense to CNCZone). For the amount of money paid in maintenance every year we expect more. If you drop your maintenance your processing speed slows down substantially, and your amount of windows is reduced to one. I get the notion of adding some extras for those that continue with their maintenance, but the performance of a product you spent a lot of money on shouldn't be considered an "extra". Oh and if you "purchased" the simultaneous module, you can't have it anymore if you don't continue with maintenance. And here we are almost in 2022 and still no API.

So when looking forward for growth over the next 5 years, can we honestly say that WorkNC can be a part of that?

Any other WorkNC users want to chime in and set me straight? Maybe I'm just looking at this wrong?