Hi, I acquired a 3040 CNC from a shop clearance, and need help setting it up - I'm new to this type of toy so any help is appreciated.

From a scribble on the chinese translated instructions, I think the model name is 'Dongda ts-3040c'.

It looks to be the same (visually) as the machine and controller in this eBay listing;

It came to me disassembled in a slightly damp crate, with no software/driver CD.

(the machine seems in reasonable condition, no significant rust, does not bind when I move the motors manually, they hum reassuringly when powered on while not plugged in, and the spindle powers as expected)

I have downloaded Mach3 to my computer, and plugged it in via parallel port.
I have changed the input/output pin and some motor settings as prescribed in this rubbish instruction manual;


It still is not responding to any inputs, jogging etc. What are my next (first) steps?