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    dongle for gravograph

    i have a older gravograph machine, around 6 years old. I am selling it but i am missing the dongle It plugs into the printer port on the back of the computer. It is sort of a security measure and allows the computer and gravograph software to communicate with the engrave
    I am looking to buy one, or if anyone knows of the price of one of these.

    thank you

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    Hi Allison

    Dongles don't come cheap from Gravograph which is usually the only source unless you're very lucky!!

    Go to this website - it may be a cheaper option for you. We run IS600/IS200s with VCarve software. Tony from the company is very helpful and you can also find forums for Vectric. http://www.vectric.com/

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    Hello Allison,

    I agree. From what I know, Gravograph will ask you for a full package, at full price.
    Which machine do you have? If it's 6 years old it will definitely run with VCarve Pro from Vectric.


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    We repair the old Gravograph machines.
    Please, visit our website NCH di Sansoni G.

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    Re: dongle for gravograph

    Please contact me if you cannot find the dongle for gravographer. I have one that is no longer used.

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    Re: dongle for gravograph

    Hey timgo, Do you still have this dongle?

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    Re: dongle for gravograph

    Quote Originally Posted by j2j747 View Post
    Hey timgo, Do you still have this dongle?
    Contact timotyen at: timotyen@yahoo.com please.

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