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    Question Doosan 220LM Turret alignment urgent help !


    We have a Doosan Lynx 220LM with a Fanuc i-series control panel.
    We've stripped the turret assembly & driven tool shaft apart and replaced all bearings & seals however now it is all back together mechanically we have an issue with it throwing up error 2047 and 2023.

    I've read some advice on here to set K5.4 to 1 to unclamp the turret which works, i've manually spun the turret round so T1 is in position in line with the driven tool, however the control panel identifies this as tool #5 on the Fanuc LCD display (See bottom right of image attached)

    It appears to have clamped in position after a few attemps where it needs to be, mechanically - however now i believe i need to teach the control panel parameters that it's current locked position is in Tool 1 position.

    (If i try to power it up as normal and select next tool on the control panel manually, it throws up the mentioned error's again as if it's not aligned which i assume will be resolved once it's been told where it is properly via the parameters?

    I've read instructions on here advising i need to change 'Parameter 8' using the 'Mode' button, however i'm not sure where to find this and i'm not able to see a physical or soft button labelled 'Mode' on the control panel?

    Could anybody kindly provide the keystrokes required to teach the Fanuc control panel back to tool 1 where it currently sits so we can get back up and running again?

    Unless i've missed something, if so any advice would be greatly appreciated..

    Best Regards,

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    Re: Doosan 220LM Turret alignment urgent help !

    I was tearing out IMTS when this was originally posted, so I missed it.

    2047 is the prox switch for clamp/unclamp.
    1. If the turret does not unclamp when told to.
    2. If turret is told to unclamp, and does but the prox switch isn't set correctly, then it doesn't see it.
    3. If the turret does not clamp when told to.
    4. If turret is told to clamp, and does but the prox switch isn't set correctly, then it doesn't see it.

    2023 Turret overtime error
    it took to long and timed out before a correct index was allowed to occur.

    For details, see attached
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 2047 P240 Turret Clamp Switch.pdf  
    Doosan Service Technician - New Jersey Office

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    Re: Doosan 220LM Turret alignment urgent help !

    The details for changing the Parameter # 8 "Origin Set" process on your Doosan Vision Servo Drive that is located inside the electrical cabinet, are printed in the "Blue Book", which should be in a pocket , inside the door of the electrical cabinet.
    The sheet you are looking for has parameters listed on one side and Origin Set instructions on the other (Note: on a 7segment display..."Origin Set" looks like Or9.5...it is actually ORG.S)
    Doosan Service Technician - New Jersey Office

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    Re: Doosan 220LM Turret alignment urgent help !

    Thanks for your replies dhardt

    Managed to reset the turret position accordingly and everything is working as it should (apart from an audible clunk when going either way past turret position 13? - everything else is near silent)

    Issue i'm having now is, randomly the position of the turret on the LCD display on the Fanuc control panel randomly changes during a program.
    For example, Tool 7 will be called for successfully and program will run as it should, at some point it will change to a random tool number, for example 22. Program will still run as it should however as it now thinks it's in Position 22 but it's still physically in Tool 7 turret position, the next tool it calls for will be wrong. (as you might imagine results being potentially catastrophic to both stock, machine, spindle etc).

    I've tried to repeat the random tool change but there really does not appear to be any event that triggers it.
    One thing i can say though is that it does not appear to be triggered during a physical tool change (i can hold my finger on the tool change and cycle through all tool numbers multiple times and it displays the correct tool on the LCD as it rotates) - So i don't think it's a physical fault. Perhaps decoder to vision control, or vision control to fanuc control, or the fanuc control panel itself.

    Could anybody provide the button presses on the Vision control unit that i need to see what the servo encoder is sending to the vision control ? (So i can compare it to the LCD display when it goes wrong).

    Many thanks,

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    Re: Doosan 220LM Turret alignment urgent help !

    The "n" display value is what the Vision drive reports to the Fanuc over wires that leave the Vision drive and enter the O/I module via the XTxx terminal strip.

    The position 7, in binary is 00111
    The position 22, in binary is 10110

    The odds on the 0bit dropping out AND the 4bit going high is unlikely
    If your number 22 was picked arbitrarily, then the correct number will assist in deciding the cause.

    I have attached the Drive manual for the most prevalent model of Vision drive that is out there.

    It has Pi and Po values for Position input and Position outputs as understood in binary format.
    The Vision drive gets its input values from a section of Fanuc Y-outputs and gives its output values to a section of Fanuc X-inputs.
    The Fanuc then uses that info in an "X=Y" check to see if the position commanded is the same as the position obtained.

    If the position received (Fanuc) changes after the index is complete, then the Operators panel will change, but the next index should still go to the correct location.
    If the position understood/sent (Vision) changes after the index is complete, then the Operators panel will change, and the machine would go into alarm as the Vision Servo would trigger a fault.

    There are other things (more complex, yet rare) that could be the issue, but without more details that would cause the creation of an entire manual...If I were to try and list every detail here.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DVSD - TT - TA - Doosan - Vision Manual do Usuário.pdf  
    Doosan Service Technician - New Jersey Office

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    Re: Doosan 220LM Turret alignment urgent help !

    Thanks for the help again,
    The 'N' status display does read the same as the LCD on the fanuc control panel on each rotation of the turret. Even when the position on the LCD/Vision control does not match where the physical turret actually is after it's gone awol.

    Have done some more testing this morning and after it lost it's position, it's next tool change threw an error up for turret clamp on the Fanuc screen. The Vision control and LCD on the Fanuc control panel were both reading the same but the physical turret was between tool positions.

    Is there an effective way to test the turret servo encoder for sending random/wrong signals to the Vision control unit ? If so, how would i do it ? (which keystrokes on the vision control panel etc)

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    Re: Doosan 220LM Turret alignment urgent help !

    Did we ever check to see if the turret is balanced and not binding?

    That is the number one reason for both the 2047 and the 2023 alarms.

    To check:
    Set keep relay K5.4 to 1 (note: bits are 76543210)
    Turn the tool post by hand, using only 2 fingers, and stopping every 90 degrees.
    If it is uneven but smooth = it is out of balance.
    If it binds, or "hard metal clicks" then there is interference.
    If it is even, but hard to rotate, something is binding and causing excess resistance.

    Side test: If you want to see the encoder position...while turning the turret, have someone watch the encoder position displays that start around page 34 of the previously attached manual. Watch for abnormalities (stuttering position or wrong rollover amounts)
    Doosan Service Technician - New Jersey Office

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