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    Doosan LYNX 220 LSY w/ Fanuc i

    Greetings Doosan homies !

    We have a '18 Doosan LYNX220 LSY machine w/ Fanuc i control. Recently we started having a problem with the servo turret. When commanding an index in the program, Manually, or via MDI the control would issue a 2078 Alarm: TURRET INPUT/OUTPUT COMMAND CABLE ERROR after 30 sec. The turret will unclamp (DGN X4.6=1) and the live-tool driver orients to the correct 12 & 6 position, and the Vision Servo Turret Drive is in the SVON staten but the turret does not index.

    First we swapped the Vision Servo Turret Drive with an identical machine. No change - Drive ran fine in the donor machine. Next we swapped both the INPUT and the OUTPUT cables from the donor machine to the problem machine. Donor machine ran fine with the cable swap. Problem machine had the same problem.

    This alarm was not listed in any of our documentation but I found it's alarm address in the ladder diagram. (R1509.5) Sadly, not much information was given about the possible cause of the alarm there.

    Has anyone seen this alarm before and, if so, what information can you provide?

    Thanks in advance for any helpful insight.,


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    Re: Doosan LYNX 220 LSY w/ Fanuc i

    What is the machine's serial number? (found on the placard, located near the main power switch)
    What is the Electrical Hardware version? (found on the placard, located near the main power switch)

    What is the ladder version?
    Press the <SYSTEM> hard key
    Press the <PMC> softkey (depending on Fanuc model)
    Press the <PMCPRM> or <PMCCONFIG> (depending on Fanuc model)
    Press the <TITLE> softkey
    There is a field: PROGRAM DRAWING NUMBER (it is in the middle of the page)
    It contains a LONG alphanumeric sequence, separated by a comma or colon...and then another alphanumeric sequence
    I need the WHOLE code...everything in that field.

    From this information, I can see why the machine does anything and everything related to IO
    Doosan Service Technician
    darryl.hardt@doosanmt.com O:973-618-2461 M:973-803-9479

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