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Thread: Doosan M91

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    Doosan M91

    Hello, I am working on modifying a Fusion post for my Hyundai lathe by starting with a Doosan/Fanuc post which seems to be close. I'm now stuck on trying to figure out what M91 is used for on a Doosan. My machine doesn't like the code, some I'm trying to find it and delete from my post with no luck so far. All I can find so far is it's used as an extra M code specific to the machine. Thanks in advance, Dan

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    Re: Doosan M91

    We have an older Doosan Lynx (210LSY ?...not at work) and M91-M94 is available on that lathe. The last 3 Doosans list M91 through M94 as External Commands. I can't use them. I assume Doosan has reserved them for their use. I started using M91-M94 over 30 years ago on Hardinge lathes for their Safe Index programs for main and sub spindles. I use the same programs on our Daewoo/Doosan lathes. I changed the commands to M691-M694 on the new lathes. I set them in parameters 6071-6074 which call program O9001 through O9004.

    Can't help with your post. I've only used MasterCam. Hopefully someone with Fusion experience will come along and solve your problem. Good luck.

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    Re: Doosan M91

    Laser Tool breakage detection on and then off

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