Have a Nano chiller L1100 that is throwing the FIL alarm code which the manual states is a timer to change the filter. To reset it states hold the Ent(er) button for 2-3 seconds to clear once the cooler filter has been cleaner. The unit being in this state will not let the Mynx operate, any advice on how to get the controller in the cooler to acknowledge the FIL rest procedure? I have tried the reset method from the manual many times, and have completely disconnected the machine from breaker twice and let it sit in such a state to discharge any charge over night to no avail. The first thing I did after the reset procedure for the alarm failed to acknowledge was to check the button continuity anticipating it being a simple fix, but am getting 12k ohms open and 2 ohms closed, so unlikely to be the button as it'd appear I'm getting both a functioning contact close and back reading into the microcontroller there by unlikely a failed wire in the 2x10 pin wire harness between the display/control and the microcontroller. The documentation that shipped with the unit is not as intricate as the other machine, Okuma Crown, as such I'm at bit of a loss to search and ID a failed solid state component like the Okuma in the past. I'd rather not blindly order a CIL_BK_Ver12 board but thats the next component down the harness.