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    Dovetail CNC oil


    I am new to this and looking for help! The company I work for purchased a dovetail CNC machine (from China). I have to find out what type of oil to get for it. It has an automatic oil pump and by looking at it looks like the oil is used to lubricate the slides as well as the spindle? Does that sound correct?

    If so what oil or oil subsititue can be used? Is it called spindle oil?

    It does use a lot of it (I know the pump can be adjusted)

    Thanks for your help in advance!

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    Re: Dovetail CNC oil

    The best answer is to use the lubricant recommended by the machine manufacturer. Perhaps that lubricant is specified in the manual, or the vendor can tell you what they recommend.

    However, if neither of those is helpful, a lubricant commonly used is often referred to as "way oil". ("Ways" are a kind of a sliding mechanism,) Way oil comes in different viscosities, as you can see from this link: https://www.mcmaster.com/way-oil/

    Perhaps start out with something equivalent to Vactra #2 and see how it performs.

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