Hi All - New to the Drag Knife game and I'm running into some issues (inconsistencies) on the starting position. I'm using the Donek D2, to cut .125 rubber sheets on a Camaster Cobra and when the drag knife gets to its starting point there's a swivel that occurs that in some cases are on the inside (Attachment #1) of the material that causes small razor cuts on the product (Attachment #3). In other cases, the swivel occurs on the outside (Attachment #2) of the product, which has no material impact. I've messed around with the start points, and regardless of where I put it (straight line or slightly curved area), there's a swivel at the starting point. I'm using the drag knife gadget within VCarve and can't for the life of me figure out how to eliminate the swivel and have the start point occur right on the line.

The current gadget configuration as follows.
Cut Depth - .125
Swivel Depth - .00001
Passes - 1
Use Vector Start Point - Check
Blade Offset - .16
Tolerance - 20

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks - Jason