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IndustryArena Forum > WoodWorking Machines > Commercial CNC Wood Routers > Chinese Machines > Dreaded "blue box" controller 6040 no workie
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    Dreaded "blue box" controller 6040 no workie

    So I just unboxex a new 6040 from eBay and spindle and VFD work, so moved on to the controller.

    I don't own a computer with a parallel port (lol who the hell does???) So I am using the included black USB/parallel cable (which I am suspect of) .When I powered it up with the USB cable DISCONECTED, the steppers are stiff to turn like they are juiced up and all the green LEDs in the controller are off. When I connect the USB, the computer recognizes it and the USBCNC program seems happy but no axis move and ALL of the green LEDs are lot solid and all the steppers are limp like they have no power.

    I went through the software setup as shown on the hilarious movie with piano music that came on the disc.

    Any ideas? I totally plan on getting a Gecko but I was hoping to get the thing at least to jog with this blue box.

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    Re: Dreaded "blue box" controller 6040 no workie

    Nobody, eh? Beuller?

    I was looking at the driver for the mystery black cable and it shows up as PlanetCNC USBCNC . I looked up PlanetCNC and they don't appear to make a cable like this, so I assume this is some knockoff of their board built into a overmolded cable? I still feel like this is suspect, though the driver IS installed in Windows and Device Manager is happy about it. I also checked that all the dip switches and connections on the board inside the Blue Box are correct and they are the same as the other pictures I've seen.

    Yesterday I just went ahead and ordered a Gecko G540 and a 48V PSU though. I guess I can't spend my life f**king with this POS driver box and I'll just gut it and rebuild it.

    It's still annoying though because this thing IS supposed to work out of the box and it sure as hell doesn't.

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    Re: Dreaded "blue box" controller 6040 no workie


    Two notes for what they may be worth.

    One. Many desktop computers include headers on their motherboards so that you can add a bracket with the DB-25 connector and enable the port in the BIOS.

    Two. There are daugther cards that add additional ports to your desktop. One brand I use is MANHATTAN.

    It would be interesting to know what system you have.

    Checking on PlanetCNC they offer a LPT adapter card. It is possible that you could use it so that your controller runs from a LPT port instead of the USB port. I don´t know if that could really help you.


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    Re: Dreaded "blue box" controller 6040 no workie

    Thanks BBM. Yeah, I was trying to run this with an old laptop, because that's what I have. But, the video that came with the machine clearly shows being able to hook this black controller cable up and being able to use the machine, so I would think that would be fine.

    I haven't seen a PC with a parallel port since the 90s.... LOL. From what I uderstand, most people end up using PCB cards to get a parallel port if they need to run something parallel. I would do this but I need to find a desktop to test it on. I only have laptops at my house. I guess I will try GoodWill .

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    Re: Dreaded "blue box" controller 6040 no workie

    Gecko G540 and MeanWell 12.5A 48V PSU have showed up. I started building a new controller box out of a metal enclosure I found at Goodwill! Hopefully I can have this thing fired up in a few more days.
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