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    Drewtronics CNC probe

    Hello All:

    I was looking for a probe for my cnc mill a while back and like most was having a tough time justifying $1000 plus for a probe. I did some searching around and found a probe by a company called Drewtronics. I decided to take a chance on it and ordered one. I bought the s5000led model. Its about $170 and $10 or so to ship it. I recently converted a cnc mill to an acorn control board and wired in the probe.

    So after some short term tests here are my results. He claims repeatability within .0002. and probe locations of within .001. That is pretty much what I got. I randomly chose some stuff from around the shop and tested it. Any weird numbers were fixed by cleaning the bores on what I was measuring. Random loose bits of metal. I'm quite pleased with the results.

    In short I think his probes are a great deal for the money. I greatly prefer it to using an edge finder and gauge blocks. I did email him and ask about repairs if a crash happens. Its very reasonable to repair.

    I made this thread because I wanted to point out what I think is a great way to try out cnc probing at a low cost.

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    Thank you for your review ordering one now just seemed too cheap to be any good.

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