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IndustryArena Forum > Manufacturing Processes > Drilling > Drilling 20X deep .027 dia. drill Polycarbonate
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    Drilling 20X deep .027 dia. drill Polycarbonate

    Hello all,
    I am drilling polycarbonate using a .027 dia. carbide drill in a Hydraulic holder, .530 Deep.
    I am wanting the holes to have no internal burning.
    I have used coolant , and moved to
    Chilled air.
    Any help on this would be GREAT!

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    Re: Drilling 20X deep .027 dia. drill Polycarbonate

    polycarbonate is a s***t to machine, its so heat sensitive it gums up tools in no time.

    You will have to peck drill, I would suggest 0.050 per peck or less with a full retract. Whether you use coolant or air, it has to dislodge the chips from the flutes of the drill
    otherwise those chips will go back down into the hole and wreck things.


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