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    DSP A11 conversion to UCCNC


    I am struggling here a little bit attempting to convert my CNC router from a DSP A11 pendant to UCCNC ethernet motion controller BOB combo.
    I like the adaptability of the UCCNC interface and the fact that it is compatible with MACH 3 or 4 which I am familiar with already. Am I correct in assuming I can remove the Richauto BOB and replace it with this C94 Multifunction board relatively easily? will it interface with my drivers, vfd, and tool sensor without any issues?
    Has anyone done this conversion that can weigh in?

    Here is the board for reference (https://cnc4pc.com/c94-multifunction-board-b.html)

    I attached a few photos of my control box for reference.

    Thank you everyone!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails BE0456B1-6653-4B58-9E1C-76E18B48A469.jpg   5F88D7BA-0953-4ABA-A546-1CC70B1D50D7.jpg   C9B39DBD-B344-495A-98A5-8416C2437033.jpg  

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    Re: DSP A11 conversion to UCCNC

    I am attempting the same thing with a c76 board from another failed project. I had concerns about the larger dc voltage’s requirements of the Laguna.

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