When I was looking at getting my DT-1 there wasn't a ton of information I could find. So I wanted to do this thread to explain my purchase, thoughts, etc. I found a machine at my local HFO that fit my needs. TSC, programmable coolant nozzle, 12k spindle, chip auger,WIPS and HSM. One of the nice things about this machine is that you can usually get a pretty good deal on it. I got an amazing deal on it with special financing. I do all aluminum work but if you do a bunch of SS or such you may want a more rigid and powerful machine. I am sure this can cut anything you want but if you want to hog out steel this isn't your beast.

Great things:
The rapids are FAST. Scary fast. Coming from a hobby mill that rapids were 100ipm it still makes me nervous how fast it is.
Toolchanger is FAST. Does not index at each pocket so it flies to the next tool.
Chip auger is a must in my opinion. It does not get all the chips (at least aluminum) but makes it so much easier.
WIPS is amazing. It seems to gone up a bunch in price but makes life so much easier and more foolproof.
HSM is a must as well. I never had this off but based on everything I have read you need this. You can (and I did) haggle on this since there is not hardware involved and it is a software switch.
Very narrow machine. I fit this in a single garage and can walk around it even with the chip auger.
Haas service has been awesome to deal with.
Castings sit on the floor

Not so great things
Door is small. This is what you get from it being a narrow machine.
Table is small. Again because of the narrow machine the table isn't that big. Also you can't put that much weight on it (250 lbs). Considering a dual vise can be 100lbs or more, think about this. Now I am sure that you can go over because the bigger DT-2 has the same rating and a bigger table that there is some fudge factor on it. If you have the WIPS you are eating a good amount of your table space.
Draws a good amount of amps when spinning up a tool. This is especially important if you are on a phase converter.
It has to be anchored to the concrete floor. This is a complete PITA but necessary.

People will talk about the BT-30 taper and it is definitely smaller and less rigid but in aluminum I can run real fast and can take smaller cuts if need be. I tooled up at Maritool and the toolholders were the same price as more common tapers. Coming from a Novakon mill using Tormach Tooling System it is a HUGE step up. I spent about $4k on my initial tooling order.

Phase converter: I use a phase perfect PT-010. I am not sure if this is too small or I have to tweak some stuff but the mill will shut down at 100% RPMs at spindle startup. I have been in touch with PP and Haas and both them are working with me to solve my issues. Could not be happier with the service from either company. It could be the PP is too small but I have a feeling it might be the wiring in my house. I have 400 amp service but my house was built by an idiot.

Overall I LOVE this machine. My previous machine was showing its age but even new it was absolutely not on the same planet as the DT-1. For someone coming from or considering a hobby mill, the DT should be considered if you are going to do production at all. Prototyping is one thing but I was selling close to $100k a year on the novakon and it was painful. It will cost you much more to buy and setup (although I think the Tormach is getting near $30k) but it will save you a ton of time. Machining is my side gig so I have a full time job. During the busy season I was working 80 hour weeks combined. The DT cuts in 1/4 of the time (even more really if I wanted to push it) and the parts come off the machine perfect. My worn Novakon finishes weren't even close.

I am not a machinist by any stretch. I taught myself cad and cam when I bought my first mill. I am not an expert by any stretch but will answer any questions anyone might have if I can.