So I embarked on a CNC project. I bought a Precision Mathews PM30 with the intent to convert it. I bought a kit from Arizona Video and now I'm working on the electronics.

This is what I have:
C32 BoB
Warp9 ESS
Nema 34 Motors
Mach 4

I have RTFM .. a couple times ... I started the setup of the ESS and got not too far. I'm lost on the Pin configuration on the ESS and the C32. How do I map the two boards? How do I wire motors?

I know these are very basic questions, but like I said I'm new and learning a lot as I go.

So anyone with that could point me in the right direction with good reading materials, video or even someone that has this setup that could provide a schematic would be a super grateful!!

Thank you!