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IndustryArena Forum > WoodWorking Machines > CNC Machining Centers > Dust extraction from cut slot cnc router (plywood)
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    Dust extraction from cut slot cnc router (plywood)

    We have a spartan cnc router and often cut 18mm birch ply. Usually in three 6mm deep cuts. We would like to increase production by clearing out woodchips and dust on the fly. We have the standard dust extractor shroud that came with the machine which is hooked up to an industrial extractor. Problem is we have to clear out the compressed woodchips and dust from the channel that has just been cut, this takes time. My idea is to modify the extractor by having an extractor nozzle close to the cutter to suck out the chips and dust at source and keep the slot clear so we save time not having to clear the slot. Another option I'm considering is rigging up a compressed air jet to blow out the slot and let the extractor suck up the resulting dust and chips. I've tried to look at youtube at high production machines to see what they use but they seem to use standard extraction shrouds and live with the dust and chips in the slot. I've looked at Klein tornado extractor nut but I'm worried the extra mass would cause the bearings to wear prematurely. Also, I don't know if it's effective enough to warrant buying one. Any help gratefully received. Thanks

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    Re: Dust extraction from cut slot cnc router (plywood)

    Hello, I think a blower would be more efficient compared to a nozzle as the reduced dia of the opening wont be sufficient for sucking chips and may result in clogged up pipe. You may install some light weight parts that wont add up to spindle weight and thus affect the Z-axis movement. The first example consists of the mostly non metal parts except for the solenoid valve and the block.

    Some examples are(not done by me, credit goes to the people who themselves did it):
    Chip Blower — Kronos Robotics

    Another one:


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    Re: Dust extraction from cut slot cnc router (plywood)

    Picture of your dust setup please (shroud and connecting hoses)

    What HP on your dust extractor?

    What size ducts?
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    Re: Dust extraction from cut slot cnc router (plywood)

    Hi Dan - I'd go with the tornado. Havn't got one but all the vids are very impressive and it works at the source... I'm sure it won't affect the spindle. Peter

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    Re: Dust extraction from cut slot cnc router (plywood)

    You want to use compressed air on the tool to clear the chips. No amount of suction will get them out.

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