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    Dust Management for PC and Controls

    Curious as to what others are doing to keep the fine dust out of your PC and the CNC control boxes. Without a filter on the Avid CNC control boxes, the electronics will coat out with fine dust. I have added a homemade filter to the inlet to try and manage dust incursion. Same with my dedicated desktop PC. Got it wrapped in one of those PC non-woven breathable dust covers. Works so-so. What are others doing?

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    Re: Dust Management for PC and Controls

    I haven't added anything yet. I had them all mounted well away at the beginning and put them on the recommended location last year. I've thought about that being an issue as well. Looking inside, after 4 years of use, it's not too bad but could use something to prevent it in the future.
    What's worse for it though? Dust or heat from not getting enough flow? I'll probably play with this over the weekend since you brought it back up in my mind.

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    Re: Dust Management for PC and Controls

    I have my cart on a long cable/tether, and try to move it away from the machine while cutting. DC on the machine itself keeps ambient dust away. I occasionally use compressed air to clean off the cart, keyboard, etc. And then of course open up the case every now and then to vacuum out any dust that got inside (haven't done that since I got the DC on the machine)

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    Re: Dust Management for PC and Controls

    A good option (not joking!) could be the filter wool used on aquarium fish tanks.
    Has good filtration properties and can be cleared out somewhat with compressed air.
    Something like:

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    Re: Dust Management for PC and Controls

    I'm using a rugged intel NUC which is a completely sealed, fan-less, PC. The case is basically a massive heat sink and it's very heavy. My control box has two fans, an exhaust on the top and an intake on the side, with a filter. So far, no dust or debris worth mentioning. I open up the case about once a week and hit it quickly with the blowgun to blow out what fine particles do make it in.

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    Re: Dust Management for PC and Controls

    Another alternative would be to use a pressure-blower to introduce filtered air from outside, in order to maintain positive pressure in the box. The little fans common in control boxes don't really generate enough suction to draw air through a lot of filter material.
    Andrew Werby

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