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Thread: DXF Catalog

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    DXF Catalog

    There is a new product now called the DXF - Design ART TO PART volume 1. This product offers over 6000 pre-made dxf files from logos, sign templates, floral designs, sign borders and many other catagories of DXF files. This product includes the complete volume 1 visual catalog so that you can see the file that you want and then the CD which contains the 6000+ catagorized dxf files. This is an excellent product for sign makers and anyone needing 2D dxf file templates for routing, water jet, laser, burning or plasma machines. The files can be used for engraving, profile milling and pocket milling as well. It's an affordable product and can be seen at www.bobcad.com for more details.
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    Looks pretty cool, but I only have v17 Mill and V16 wire... too bad looks like you could cut some pretty cool things if you had it. Seems a little pricey though unless you could figure out a way to make $$$ with it

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    Just cut the "Native American Design" from the 5 DXF's downloadable off the website.

    REALLY NICE!! Cut without any mods. Nice and smooth.

    If all the DXF's are this good, the catalog is well worth the price.
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    Re: DXF Catalog

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