Hello everyone, I've been slowly working my way through my new to me milling machine. Its a Dyna Myte 1007 Converted to mach 3.

The machine uses a pmdx-122 to connect to mach3. I have managed to get each axis moving properly but I am struggling with the spindle.

It is a SEM Servo Spindle motor (factory from what I gather) connected to an Advanced Motion Controls B25A20 Driver.

As of right now the driver is connected to the pmdx using the relay (connected to inhibit in signal on driver and the negative output on signal isolator) and pin 14 (spindle direction) which is connected to a SI-240D signal isolator, which is set up to convert the 0-5v to 0-10v.

For the life of me I can't figure out how to make the spindle run. My best guess that I have found is that the inhibit wire when grounded disables the spindle. But when not grounded should enable the spindle (+5v as the manual states). When probing the inhibit it only has 4.30v. I believe that's why it isn't running but I could be wrong.

Could this driver be set up in my pmdx 122 as a fourth axis and control it as the spindle ? Or is it wired the correct way?