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    Dyna Myte 2800 rebuild

    Ok, I've had a DM2800 for 6 years. During almost that entire time it has been disassembled for the purpose of rebuilding it. I've decided to give myself a push to get this project back on the fast track.
    To that end I'm going to upload the process to YouTube- Hopefully that will keep me focused and on track. If you'd like to follow along the first video can be found here:

    This is an overview that fast forwards the small amount of progress over the last 6 years into just a few minutes.

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    Re: Dyna Myte 2800 rebuild Part 2

    Made some more progress towards getting this machine back up and running.
    This week I fabricated the missing Z axis counter weight.


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    Dyna Myte DM2800 rebuild Part 3

    This week I began laying out the electrical panel for the DM2800 rebuild and retrofit. I have decided on the Centroid Acorn for this project. This will be my first time installing one of these. Years ago I built three Ah-Ha based machines and more recently, two Mach3 machines- so I'm hoping this will be a fun new experience. Going to try the Gecko Drive G251X modules for running the steppers.

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    Re: Dyna Myte 2800 rebuild

    Nice video and detail on your build.
    A lazy man does it twice.

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    Re: Dyna Myte 2800 rebuild

    Thank you! Hoping to get quite a bit further on the wiring this week.

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    Re: Dyna Myte 2800 rebuild

    Continuing on.
    This week I started wiring up the Centroid Acorn to the Gecko G251X stepper drives.
    Had a slight course correction in getting the step and direction signals to the drives but I think I'm on track now.

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    Re: Dyna Myte 2800 rebuild

    Trying to wrap up the electrical panel by getting power to the stepper drives. Still need to hook up the spindle drive but running into a lack of documentation there. if anybody has a manual for this Electro-Craft drive marked AW0016-6423 Rev B I would certainly appreciate it!

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    Re: Dyna Myte 2800 rebuild

    Working on getting the computer set up to talk to the Acorn controller, installing Centroid CNC12, and bench testing the stepper motor.

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    Re: Dyna Myte 2800 rebuild

    Nice job Pete,
    Don't feel bad by 10 years. I beat you. I think I was close to 10 from the time I got fed up with my Hurco to the point where I was very close to finishing. And then, argh, the impossible happened. I found a DM4400M with a working control on it. That was a nicer machine than my Hurco, although I think my Hurco LinuxCNC control would have been nicer. But I had to build the console and the iron on the Dyna was better. Plus, the price was attractive. I got the machine for the cost of moving machinery around in the shop from which I obtained the machine. Super super nice owner who just didn't want to see the machine go to the dump, but it was obsolete by his standards and he needed the room. With all of the moving of machines around by the rigger, sharing of costs by the guy I sent the Hurco to, selling off some tooling, etc, I pretty much ended up with a tooled, working Dyna for about $300 (delivered). CAn't argue with that... But, ironically, I was then back to cleaning cleaning cleaning... 20 years of grime. And repairs... Little stuff, really, but things that needed to be done. I'm close to finishing up now. I miss my Hurco (very nice conversion) but I'm looking forward to actually cutting with a CNC mill again! I am just waiting for some caps to (hopefully) fix the heat transfer fans, and then I think I'll be ready to do some projects. Super excited and now I even have an indexer to play with.... I have to admit that I don't know G-code well though. The Hurco was all conversational, so I have to learn Fusion 360 better and the CAM to go with it. More learning...

    Anyhow, nice job on the rebuild. I always love it when people take old decrepit machinery, but which is still mechanically, and return them to service. It is a great way to keep things out of the dump, learn a whole lot, have fun, and end up with very nice machinery. So kudos to you! I look forward to reading/watching more about your machine, your experiences with Acorn, etc.


    P.S. Oh... By the way... free is never really free! Since my acquisition, I've spent just about 1100 on parts, tooling, etc. Still a great deal, but it is kind of funny how it adds up.

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    Re: Dyna Myte 2800 rebuild

    Thanks for the encouragement! and good luck on on your project. Do you have pics of it anywhere?

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    Re: Dyna Myte 2800 rebuild

    Another installment of my ongoing project. Trying to dial in the calibration of the Y axis and I end up going down a rabbit hole. But I do believe some progress was made.

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    Re: Dyna Myte 2800 rebuild

    Hi Pete,
    I do, although I'll have to dig them out. My machine hasn't really required the extensive disassembly that yours has needed. And, at present, I'm not replacing the control, so that is pretty much untouched. My photos are of the machine being delivered and then stripping it of the enclosure (love it... but no room right now for it... storing it for later). Then TONS of cleaning. No real pictures of that. I found a variety of fans that were bad. The cooling fan for the spindle motor, and one for the SMW indexer. Then I noticed some noise in the back and went to investigate. My machine has a heat exchanger on the electrical cabinet. It turns out that one fan ran fine, but the second one was barely turning. I took it apart and found a bad cap. However, even after replacing the cap, the fan still didn't work, so I simply replaced the thing.

    I've noticed that the indexer I have trips my GFCI (120V indexer). I know it worked (non-GFCI) at the business. The machine sucked in enough grime in its 25 years that there is a thin film of crap inside the indexer control. I doubt a GFCI will trip after a transformer, so I concentrated on cleaning around the primaries. However, it was to no avail. Then I decided to try a different GFCI plug and low & behold... no tripping. Curious.

    The DM4400 is notorious for oil tub disintegration, but mine actually seemed to be fine there (possibly retrofit already). However, it had sat for so long that the oil had pretty much left the entire column. I though that I had an oiling issue until i realized that it just needed a TON of priming... I think this may be a weakness though. If I can find a suitable check valve, I'd like to install that in the vertical line. Let's face it... I'm not using the machine every day. The rise is close to 6 feet, so that is a good amount of back pressure to go back into the bed lubricators. Thankfully, I have a few tubes that are clear plastic so I can see there is no oil in them. I then have to prime prime prime... So, a check valve seems to be a reasonable thing to me.

    I'll dig up the photos. But... Your project is far more ambitious than mine right now. My machine fundamentally worked except for the maintenance issues (forgot about stuff like bent way covers and such).


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    Re: Dyna Myte 2800 rebuild

    Finally got to the bottom of the backlash issue. I was lulled into a false sense of security by the number of bearings I originally got out of the ball nut. End up swapping out the thrust bearings, twice- and repack the ball nut with additional bearings. Plus a peak at the newly received Centroid Ether1616 expansion board.


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    Re: Dyna Myte 2800 rebuild

    Reassembly Begins on the Dyna Myte 2800 Centroid Retrofit. This week I start cleaning up some parts in preparation for reassembly. Ran a piece through the Purple Power, Evapo-rust and Oxpho-Blue combination. I check out the Z axis screw then get all 3 axes moving under control of the Centroid Acorn Controller.

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    Re: Dyna Myte 2800 rebuild

    Got pulled in couple different directions over the last few months but I'm back to working on my Dyna Myte retrofit.

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    Re: Dyna Myte 2800 rebuild

    Got around to modifying the step pulley bushing and making a temporary adapter plate to mount the DMM AC Servo motor to the DM2800.

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    Re: Dyna Myte 2800 rebuild

    Finished up the electrical panel and got it reinstalled in the freshly painted cabinet. It's all coming together now and I'm pleased with the results.

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    Re: Dyna Myte 2800 rebuild

    Finished up a few odds and ends I needed in order to start putting this machine back together.

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    Re: Dyna Myte 2800 rebuild

    Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully will get power on this machine in the coming week- for now though, progress has been made:

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    Re: Dyna Myte 2800 rebuild

    Redoing some things from last week that just weren't right and getting power to the machine.

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