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    Dyna Path Delta CNC system

    So I stumbled upon a guy selling a 1995 dynapath system on Craigslist. The CRT was non functioning but I can fix that.
    The motors looked brand new and seem to be big bucks to replace.
    They are Baldor MTE-4090-Special

    High voltage servo drives. I have the complete system. I was considering doing a retro fit with this system to use it with linux CNC or Mach 3/4

    is it worth is? Should I just sell it as parts to someone needing Dynapath stuff?

    Much of it looks like its in great condition and it came off a running machine.

    Is this worth anything? Is it worth my time?

    I even have all the manuals and such. Any thoughts? Thanks

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    Re: Dyna Path Delta CNC system

    Worth it/worth your time? Depends on your resources and skills, only you know about that.

    My observations:
    - Do you know what machine the control came from? Do you have access to full schematic diagram and features?
    - Your intended machine will have to match the original machine configuration reasonably closely.
    - Changing the PLC program will be a huge pain if you don't have access to the source code.
    - I don't see any spindle drive components (contactors, fuse block, etc).
    - The servo drives are analog +/- 10V, not compatible with Mach CNC software as far as I know. LinuxCNC can handle that though.
    - I don't see the 1 to 2 kW transformer to power the servo drives.

    The monitor has a standard VGA connection if you want to test the control.


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    Re: Dyna Path Delta CNC system

    hola, tienes informacion de como ajustar un servo amplificador sdfp1525-17 de los antiguos ( servo dynamics aw1450 . jun1993 )???
    Tengo un problema con un control dynapath delta 40m y necesito ajustar los servoamplificadores de los ejes.

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