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    Easy way to determine whether it's the power supply or tube?

    Our school's laser cutter (generic Chinese) has begun to decline to the point where it's barely able to cut cardboard let alone 1/4 and 1/8 ply which make up most of the student projects.

    I noticed that when the laser fires, we are barely getting a reading on the amp meter. Is this a function of the tube going out or is the tube not getting the power it needs because the power supply is going out? Do power supplies degrade or is it an all or nothing situation.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Easy way to determine whether it's the power supply or tube?

    Tubes go out more frequently then power supplies. If you burn thru paper just off the tube is the pattern perfectly round? Any cracks in the tube and does it glow bright pink?

    So here are factors to consider that could cause a failure to cut properly or of the components:
    Water temperatures over 20 deg C.
    Poor electrical connections.
    Low voltage on the PWM signal going into the PS.
    Run at or above the tubes rated amps for a long time.
    Hundreds of hours on the tube.
    Aside from the low meter reads there are lots of optical reasons why lasers loose ability to cut.

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