WEST BOYLSTON, MA U.S.A. (July 15, 2021) Emuge Corp. today announced that moving forward, the company brand name will be EMUGE-FRANKEN. With the exception of North America, the EMUGE-FRANKEN brand name has been in use internationally since 1958, when Emuge acquired Franken, a German manufacturer of milling tools. EMUGE-FRANKEN is the leading manufacturer of a wide range of high-performance end mills and has over 100 years of milling innovation, expertise, and experience. The EMUGE-FRANKEN brand in North America will now be associated with the company’s full line of cutting tool solutions ranging from Taps, Thread Mills and End Mills, to Carbide Drills, Tool Holders, Precision Workholding/ Clamping devices, and other rotary cutting tools — over 40,000 manufactured items sold through distributors worldwide.

When Emuge’s U.S.A. footprint was established in 1984, the U.S.A. strategy was to initially introduce the marketplace to core Emuge tapping and thread milling products, followed by broader product expansion. The Emuge brand experienced substantially increased awareness, growth and success since then, especially in core Emuge threading tools. “North America became very familiar with the Emuge brand associated with threading tools for years, but the name Franken and associated end mills were known to a lesser extent. However, in recent years our EMUGE-FRANKEN end mill product sales have grown extensively. As we aggressively continue the expansion of our milling tool portfolio including the manufacture of end mills here in the U.S., as well as in Germany, we have decided to formally change the brand name to EMUGE-FRANKEN, as the company is known in Germany and throughout the world,” said Bob Hellinger, President of Emuge Corp. “EMUGE-FRANKEN, the innovator of Circle Segment end mill technology, is dedicated to further developing the end mill program to meet evolving market requirements.”

Today the EMUGE-FRANKEN North American headquarters is a newly expanded 50,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in West Boylston, MA with a Technology and Training Center, tool reconditioning, and manufacturing, including end mills for advanced machining applications such as aerospace, medical, automotive, energy and more. The facility provides additional capacity to domestically manufacture special solid carbide tooling and other standard solutions within the EMUGE-FRANKEN milling tools portfolio.

For over 100 years, the German company group EMUGE-FRANKEN has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of precision tools for thread cutting, gaging, clamping, and milling. With 1,950 employees, EMUGE-FRANKEN offers an innovative product program with 40,000 in-stock items and a multiple of that with customer-specific tools. The product range focuses on applications in the automotive industry, power plants, aerospace industry and medical technology as well as general manufacturing. As a complete system supplier for the machining industry, EMUGE-FRANKEN has branch offices or sales partners in 52 countries.

EMUGE-FRANKEN USA (Emuge Corp.) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the 1,950 employee German company EMUGE-Werk Richard Glimpel GmbH & Co. KG (Lauf, Germany). EMUGE-FRANKEN USA also offers end-user technical support through a network of in-the-field engineers and in-house product specialists, all with extensive tooling and application experience. Over 10,000 types of cutting tools and accessories are stocked in the company’s U.S. and Canadian Headquarters located in West Boylston, MA, U.S.A. The recently expanded 50,000+ sq. ft. facility includes a technology center with a machining and tooling demonstration showroom and classroom, tool manufacturing and coating, reconditioning, warehouse, sales, support and administrative offices. For more information on EMUGE-FRANKEN USA, call 800-323-3013, at 1800 Century Drive, West Boylston, MA 01583-2121, or visit (Taps | End Mills | Thread Mills | Thrillers | Holders | Emuge).