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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > EnRoute > enroute 5.1 entry to basic upgrade or any for sale?
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    enroute 5.1 entry to basic upgrade or any for sale?

    Hi there,

    I currently have Enroute 5.1 "entry". i am struggling quite a bit with open / closed contours with toolpaths as "entry" does not have draw features to edit these.

    SAI no longer support enroute 5, i am only a hobby user so cannot justify spending the thousands they want to upgrade to enroute 23.

    does anyone know how I can upgrade from "entry" to "basic" or have 5.1 basic or above for sale?

    thanks all

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    Re: enroute 5.1 entry to basic upgrade or any for sale?

    I've never heard of the "entry" version of Enroute. Enroute needs very clean geometry to run the tool paths. You can run both open and closed geometry as there are two options in the side menu. If there is no draw features in your version you can import the CAD files into LibreCAD or some other open source CAD program that can export old version DXF files. You can clean the geometry up in those CAD packages. Is there a merge command under one of the menu choices in your version of Enroute. If so, you will need to merge the geometry with differing tolerances until you get blue and red lines. If the lines are pink the geometry is not good enough for tool paths assignment. The geometry needs to be clean with all vertex's welded and no overlapping spurious geometry. If your bringing in files from Adobe illustrator or a drawing package they are not as accurate and can often cause problems.

    Is there an explode command in the menu. If so you can use this to explode imported geometry and click on smaller elements and delete them to check for duplicate line segments. Delete a line and see if another line is under it. If not undo to put the line back. It can take awhile to fix a lot of curved line segments and so using another software product is often recommeded. you can do this in Blender if you have the skills to do it. In fact Blender has commands to clean up duplicate lines and vertexes and then you can export to DXF.

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