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    EnRoute 5 Help Needed

    Hello everyone!

    I just started woking with EnRoute 5 and I can't seem to get an accurate reading on machine time. In EnRoute 4 I simply clicked on Machining, then Statistics, and it told me how long the program would take to run. However, in EnRoute 5 it takes me to the internet to show me the machine time (no idea why it would need to do that) and the time is always off by A LOT. Do I need to somehow configure this version of EnRoute to my specific machine or something?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank You!!

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    Re: EnRoute 5 Help Needed

    Hello..... could you help me

    Would you by any change have a copy of an Enroute 4 installer for the old type dongal.

    I have lost the cd and now need it

    Thank you in advance

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