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IndustryArena Forum > Community Club House > Machinist Hangout > Enshu EV450 : does anyone know this machine?
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    Enshu EV450 : does anyone know this machine?


    I am considering buying an used 2003 Enshu EV450 with a Yasnac I80 controller milling machine.

    Does anyone have any experience with this machine?

    Any common problems ? Controller issues? Common backlash issues ?

    Do you have any tips about problems areas I should look at while inspecting the machine ?

    Thank you for your help and attention,

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    Re: Enshu EV450 : does anyone know this machine?

    I don't know about the 450 with yasnac but I used to work on an ev650 with fanuc . They build a really solid machine that can handle heavy nasty materials . We did a lot of heavy machining and extremely high precision parts on that mill and never had a problem in the 6 yrs I was with that company .
    It's been a long time since I've worked with yasnac and that was on matsurra's but I liked that control about as much as I like fanuc , pretty straight forward and reliable

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