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    Enter new tool on fusion360 library


    I Need explanation for entering new tools information on fusion 360 library.
    Some of my bit have only number on the side (no brand, no library online then)
    I just dont know what the number on the side mean and how to enter every information about these tools on the library.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Enter new tool on fusion360 library

    Usually easy enough to check with the tool supplier where you bought the tools from, you will know if you bought for example a 1/4" end mill and you can see if it is a 2/3/4 flute and just measure the flute length with a Vernier or even a ruler
    The Fusion Tool Library is easy to use, open it up and click the + icon to add a new tool, then from the dialaog that appears choose the type of tool you want to create, eg, Drill, End Mill, Face Mill etc, etc and just go down the page filling in the information as required.

    The tool information is only relevant within Fusion for the Simulation so you can see what is happening and if there is likely to be any collisions etc, a length under the holder and diameter will usually be enough for that, the correct diameter is required as that is needed to allow Fusion to create the toolpaths in the correct place with regard to the Stock and Part.

    Where you really need the accurate tool information is in the Tool Library in you CNC Control, Fusion does not output a tool length in the G Code that goes to the machine, usually just a command line something like this G0 G43 Z10 H1, this will call the tool length offset that you have programmed into your CNC Control Tool Library for Tool number 1 and send the tool to the Z10 mm above the stock top.
    Hope some of that made sense
    If you have some good clear photos of some tools and the numbers on them it is possible that someone may have the same tool and can help with more information

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    Re: Enter new tool on fusion360 library

    ok thank you for your time!

    It should be ok.

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