Hello CNC Zone,

I am a member of a hackerspace in the UK and we have received a Epilog legend 32 75w 6000 series laser cutter as a donation. Unfortunately, the machine doesn't work and one of our members has trace it back to 2 capacitors (c1007 & c1012) that appear to have broken off see attached images and have been lost

We have contacted the local distributor who quoted us ~£1000 for a replacement board and we would have to install it ourselves.

I wish to try and repair the board before shelling out that much but need to identify what the components were. I suspect they are the same as their neighbouring components but need to confirm.

Is there anyone out there who has a legend 32 75w 6000 that would be willing to send me high res photos of the equivalent locations so i can compare the marking to confirm my theory or identify what they should be.

The board may be common with other Epilog laser cutters but i don't know. The board part number is c1062934.

Any help is much appreciated.