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    Jul 2016

    Post Epson Seiko Robot - SPEL software

    I have a seiko robot with controller SRC-320, but i don't have SPEL for Windows software.
    I try search this, but I found nothing. Somebody can help me with this problem?
    Please help me

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    Mar 2017

    Re: Epson Seiko Robot - SPEL software

    i have the software

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    Dec 2020

    Re: Epson Seiko Robot - SPEL software

    Hello, I am looking for SPEL for Windows software for the EPSON SRC320. Can someone please help me and send me this software. Please also write what operating system should I prepare (what service packs). Regards Sebastian.

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    Jan 2022

    Re: Epson Seiko Robot - SPEL software

    I have a client who is running Spel 2.2 on NT4, and the PC's need to replaced. They are also running a series of older robots, Seiko D-TRAN SRC-310E, and similar models.

    We are trying to avoid having to replace everything if at all possible (especially due to the cost). Can anyone here confirm whether Spel 2.3 can run on Win2k?

    If not - does anyone have a recommendation on another program that can replace Spel but still work with an older D-TRAN model robot?

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