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    Esa Tria 7500 PLC.

    Morbidelli Author 504 ( 1997 3-ax + vector ax )
    I have got out off the blue the next error in red capitals: 0000 PLC BLOCK.
    I contacted SCM in the netherlands They said that it was a problem with the backup .( New back-up battery for less than a year ?)
    New battery, program and parameters loaded.
    After switching on the machine the x-ax started uncontrolled moving without touching the calibration button.
    Has anyone a suggesting what this could be, ore what to do?
    ( an other Esa Tria 7500PLC is welcome)

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    Re: Esa Tria 7500 PLC.

    Hi there,

    I know I'm a little late but have you looked at the X axis drive?. When the machine is in Estop, and you push the x axis by hand, does the position count correctly on the screen? Have you checked the cables to the x-axis. They pass through the drag chain and could be damaged

    Let me know how you get on


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    Re: Esa Tria 7500 PLC.

    Did you get it working with the x-axis?
    I have a Author 504 with 3-axis + vector. My machine started to "jump" uncontrollable on the x-axis. The serviceman managed to locate the problem to the analog controlcard. The voltage was way high on the output pins. After a switch to a new one it's working like a charm!


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