I just got my ESS in and I am trying to get my mpg pendant hooked up and going . I found the docs on the warp9 website but it does not explain where the 5 volts are coming from for the mpg power , com signal , and e stop com wire . It says wires that are tied to 5 v (wires that don't go to the Smooth stepper Input pins ) are MPG power (mpg vcc ), E stop Common Signal and axis and rate Common Signal (com). It never says where these wires end up going to ??? I have had some tell me that the com wire goes to ground but this is telling me it goes to 5v ? Does anyone have this setup ? can anyone help me in the right direction ? The picture shows where all the wires should go beside the ones talked about above and the pic on the right is explaining the com signal wire but never says the location

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