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    Estimating required force(s) for routing wood or aluminum

    I'm designing/building a 36"x24" router and I'm looking at a 2-3kW spindle. (https://www.cnczone.com/forums/cnc-w...10132-cnc.html)
    I have been learning the equations for motor sizing and ball screw force. It looks like a 1605 ball screw with a 5mm pitch can put out 120kg of force with a 1.9Nm stepper. I'm assuming that's an ideal situation subject to loss of stepper torque at higher speeds. However, I have not been able to find information on the force required to mill aluminum at typical DIY router rates. I have to believe there are all sorts of factors that affect this. Is this something DIY CNC router builders typically dive into or do you simply upsize drive components to far exceed the cutting forces that may be expected? Can anyone provide "ball park" figures on typical forces or point me to a resource?

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    Re: Estimating required force(s) for routing wood or aluminum

    I would use 50 lbs as the number, but it's unlikely that you'll see cutting forces even half that.
    You'd probably stall the spindle before then.

    FYI, 1605 ballscrews are a poor choice for a router, as they are just too slow. 1610 or 2010 would be much better.

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