I am looking for ETEL Tools 4.1 Software for ETEL Torque Motor
Installation. Any one can share please.
Also ETEL interface manual. Thank you.

Anyone help regarding the following issue.

We have ETEL Torque Motor TMB 450-100-3VBN. As per manufacturer, ETEL motor can be configured with Siemens 611 Drives. We have tried interfacing the motor by selection 3rd Party Motor and parameters for torque motor were set manually. System used here is 840D Power Line and drive is LT-Module 6SN1123-1AA00-0DA2.

We tried to start motor from Jog mode & following alarm appears,

300512 Axis %1 drive %2 direct feedback recognized. Torque motor is connected to rotary table and it jerks & stops. Followed the procedures given in following link but no improvement.


We opened and checked motor for stator, rotor & magnets. All were ok.

Tried to change the phase sequence. But nothing helped & rotor position identification got failed even after so many tries.

Can anyone help with the installation or interface manual for ETEL torque motors with Siemens 611D Drives. Any clue or tip can be useful at the moment. Thank you.