Today, we will introduce the precautions for [URL=""]CNC Machining[/URL]:

1.When choosing a knife point, the knife path can be laid at any designated height and position. When the first knife is first processed, the amount of knife eaten is often large, which can easily lead to broken knives and bullet knives. At this time, the lower knife position can be roughened or the first layer of the lower knife can be empty, and the knife can be laid outside the material as far as possible. This problem must be noticed.

2. Knife grabbing, marble knife, tool dropping, large feed volume, long clamping length and small tool diameter often occur. When the corner radius and tool radius are in the same position, inaccurate shape and size are easy to occur. Knife grabbing is called knife grabbing, which can be solved by layering and clearing the angle with a smaller diameter knife, and then changing the smooth side of the larger knife. Definitely. When the depth is low and large, it can be processed by layers.

3. Overcut inspection and overcut are common problems, which should be paid special attention to. The solution is to simulate the tool path once and check it repeatedly from various angles of view. The tool path without inspection is not allowed to be machined. In profile milling, inappropriate selection of cutter point will lead to over-cutting, which can be avoided by changing the cutter point.

The above attention about [URL=""]CNC Machining[/URL] is introduced here, I hope it will be helpful to you.