Good morning.

My machine is in excellent mechanical condition and it's heartbreaking that the control fails. Do you guys have any suggestions how to go about troubleshooting this:

1. I don't know if this is normal condition but when machine is booting up X axis is green Y is red. After homing both axes go green. But when I switch to Manual mode X stay green and Y goes red.
2. After homing machine when I switch to Manual mode Y axis is released (I can use hand wheel) but X axis is semi released. I can turn it but servo fights with me and tries to keep it in position lightly. Even if I'm in Manual mode! This was not the case just 2 days ago.

My machine has intel base motherboard with pentium S 75 Mx processor, floppy on the back door. Eztrak version is 3.7 ish. 2 axes are controlled.