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Thread: F360 G64 P Q

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    Feb 2011

    F360 G64 P Q

    I have just found out that selecting G64 with PQ (or just P) retourning an error in TNG. PP is from their site ver. PlanetCNC 2.2
    Using just G64 have pass throu, some ideas...

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    Re: F360 G64 P Q

    G64 has optional P parameter, not Q.

    What error do you get and where?

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    Re: F360 G64 P Q

    Just change the smoothing in the post properties to "G64 with P"
    Its set to "G64 with PQ" by default, for whatever reason (most likely because the post is mainly the LinuxCNC post and nobody at autodesk made the effort to really test it with planetcnc ...)

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    Re: F360 G64 P Q

    Todaj I have simulation run with 3 diferent G64 code:
    - with just G64 - looks ok
    - with G64 & P - looks also ok
    - with both G64 P & Q - error come out ( att image)
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    Re: F360 G64 P Q

    Thank you ScorpionTDL, I have change to G64 only for now because is a simple object. Will go with your suggestion for 3D objects.

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