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IndustryArena Forum > WoodWorking Machines > Commercial CNC Wood Routers > Chinese Machines > Face milling Aluminium on a CNC router - TEG1212 Chinese CNC Router
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    Question Face milling Aluminium on a CNC router - TEG1212 Chinese CNC Router

    Hello everybody, I purchased a 1212 CNC router from the company "Jinan TEKAI CNC Machinery" and it has been great so far! I have since used it on mostly Aluminium 6061. I have found an issue so far with the surface finish from a facing operation, see the attached image for reference... No matter what feeds and speeds, I seem to get this recurring pattern on the surface of the aluminium

    The feeds and speeds were:

    RPM: 10,000
    DOC: 0.1 mm
    WOC: 8 mm
    Feedrate: 1000mm/min (1200mm/min roughing and 1000mm/min for the final finish)
    Chipload: 0.03333 mm

    I have heard elsewhere that it could be caused by my ballscrews, which are 2510. I have measured the distance between the spots and what do you know, its 10mm!

    From this, I have collected that it has to do with the ballscrews however what can I do to fix it without breaking the bank?
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